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February 2017:

We are in the midst of conducting an upgrade to LTE, which is proving more difficult than anticipated with some unforeseen bugs and complications.  
There is a problem with upload capacity-a bug in the LTE software. The equipment manufacturer is aware of the problem and is working feverishly to provide a fix.
Our staff is working overtime to resolve what we can but we're behind on call backs. It bears saying that we value your business and we take the problem seriously. 
We regret the problems (which didn't appear in our original testing) and hope you will bear with us through this transition-which long run will provide better performance capacities.

Committed to providing internet access to New York and parts of Pennsylvania,
we are proud to introduce a new internet solution for Tompkins, Cayuga, and Otsego counties.
In March 2013, Clarity Connect was awarded a grant from New York State to provide highspeed internet
to underserved rural communites.

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